Board of Directors Meeting


Reading of the Minutes                        Doug Doran


Treasurers Report                                Michael O'Dell


Old Business                                        Doug Doran

Shirts and Hats


New Business 


Discuss right Magneto not working properly. Determined we will have it pulled and inspected.  Also determined plugs should be inspected at 50 hr oil change.

Suggested Conrad will get prices on upgrades of radios and other upgrades so we can determine how to proceed.


Changes to the club by-laws were discussed

Michael O'Dell made a motion to amend Article V section 1 to combine Secretary & Treasurer to one officer. Also to combine Maintenance officer with Safety officer.

Second by John Brazelton. All in favor, Passed


New Article V Section 1 shall now read:

The Officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, Maintenance and Safety Officer.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the Club Officers.


Motion by John Brazelton to ammend Section VII    second by Michael O'Dell, passed by all

Section VII   The Safety Officer, Chief Instructor shall direct flying activities of the club, be responsible for the clearance of aircraft in conformity with club, airport and FAA regulations. He shall be responsible for the planning and implementing of a comprehensive ground and flying safety program. He shall also ascertain each members flying status and insure each member meets all club and FAA regulations before using club aircraft. He will do the same for any CFI's to be used to train members in club aircraft.



Motion by Michael O'Dell to amend, Article IX Finances, Section 2 and section 10 and 11 second by Conrad Wagner,

Section 2 to read: The treasurer shall have the authority to obligate or expend funds for normal operating costs of the club for one-time obligations or expenditures up to $500.00.


Section 10 to read: Regarding purchases made by the Club in excess of $500.00 The Board must approve the purchase agreement.


Section 11 to read:  All checks must bear the signature of the treasurer whose name appears on the bank signature card.  Withdrawal slips must be signed by the Treasurer and one other board member whose name appears on the signature card.  In the necessary absence of the treasurer checks and withdrawal slips must be signed by the Vice-President and counter signed by the President.


Meeting dismissed     Doug Doran




March Meeting of the West Central Georgia Flying Club.


Meeting called to order by President Doug Doran at 8:19 pm

Members present were Doug Doran, Conrad Wagner, Michael O'Dell, John Brazelton. Brent Matthews and Jeff Hayes.


Doug discussed status of hats and shirts and will send out order forms.

Discussed plane updates and what was needed for plane.

Brent mentioned that one of the ailerons was bent and Conrad would look at it and report findings.

We decided to have a work day on March 13th from 12:00 to 6:00 to wash and wax the airplane.

Conrad announced we have a new member James Mitchell Poteat that will start flight training.

He also announced that he (Conrad) was appointed AOPA support network coordinator for Thomaston Upson County Airport.

Doug reminded us about Hangar Hangout Saturdays and hoped all could attend next.

Conrad made us aware that there are now TFRs for all secret service protection and to be sure and check TFRs before each flight.

Doug spoke about the importance of filing and closing flight plans.

Discussed new rule at the airport to close and lock hangar when flying and after putting plane up after flight.  Safety and security are all of our responsibilities so be sure to lock up.

Brent asked about temporary members and it was decided to take it on a case by case bases and brought before the board to decide.

Held Drawing for 1 hr flight time and it was won by Conrad Wagner.


John made a motion to adjourn and second by Conrad all agreed.  Meeting adjourned.