November meeting of the West Central Ga Flying Club.

Meeting was called to order by President Doug Doran @ 7:00 PM.

Secretary read the minutes of October meeting Dale Mann made a motion to accept minutes as read 2nd by John Brazelton.


Old business:

Doug discussed Toys for Tots to be held on Dec. 4th. Pilots must have a minimum of 200 hrs flight time in able to fly the public in the Club plane. Pilots will be billed at normal rates for their flying time but can deduct that amount from their income taxes.


New business:

Doug discussed using engine heater from time change in the fall to time change in the spring. He also discussed making sure to turn off master switch after each flight.

Bill Kinard asked about buying a vacuum for the plane and keeping it in the hanger so we could keep plane interior clean. Bill will get pricing for purchase and relay to treasurer.

Bill said nose wheel needs to be replaced and Conrad will investigate and make recommendation.

Bill asked about having 50 hr inspections and was informed that 50 hr oil changes were made and an oil analysis done at that time.

Doug told the club it was time for nominations for new officers. He also recommended that the slate of officers that were in place be re elected to a second term.

Dale Mann made a motion to accept recommendation of President and it was 2nd by Bill Kinard, Motion passed unanimously.


Board members for the year 2005.

President Doug Doran

Vice President John Brazelton

Secretary Treasurer Michael O'Dell

Safety Officer Conrad Wagner

Conrad passed out Plane performance specs.

John made a motion to adjourn 2nd by Bill and passed meeting adjourned