West Central Georgia Flying Club

Minutes of Meeting

23 Nov 2003



Meeting was called to order by Michael O’Dell at 2:00 p.m. 


Old business: 

Last meeting it was decided to sell one of the airplanes because of dwindling membership and high insurance cost.


New business:

Two current members expressed interest in buying the Warrior.  Negotiations were started by Conrad Wagner and Michael O’Dell with George and Rebecca Curtis.  An agreement was reached to sell the plane for $37,500.00 with a fresh annual.  As of today we are waiting on payment from lending institution.


Motion was made by Bob Jenkins, second by John Brazelton, to give the board discretion to use absentee ballot when a vote is called for and the member is not required to attend meeting. Vote passed.


Discussed taking out Article V of Club by laws where Vice President is automatically made President after serving one year as Vice President.  It is left to discretion of members to let President stay in office until voted out.


Opened nominations for president.  Bob Jenkins nominated Doug Doran for President, Passed. Conrad Wagner nominated Bob Jenkins for Secretary Treasurer, Bob Jenkins nominated Michael O’Dell.  Vote was 4 to 5 for Michael O’Dell.


Nomination by Doug Doran for Conrad Wagner for Safety Officer and Maintenance Officer.  Vote was passed by all.


Motion to adjourn made by Conrad Wagner seconded by Michael O’Dell.  Meeting adjourned.


In attendance:

John Brazelton

George Curtis

Rebecca Curtis

Douglas Doran

Bill Kinard

Shannon Tyler

Bob Jenkins

Conrad Wagner

Michael O’Dell