A meeeting of West Central Georgia Flying Club, Inc. was held on December 5, 1998 at 10:00 AM at the Thomaston airport.

The meeting was called to order and it was determined that there was a quorum present, so business could be conducted.

The first item on the agenda was the election of officers.  The following officers were elected to serve during 1999:

President - David Neikirk
Vice President - Mark Buffington
Secretary-Treasurer - Gene Dillard
Maintenance officer - Conrad Wagner

Maintenance of the plane was discussed.  Conrad Wagner asked for a list of people who have provided maintenance.  It was determined that Richard Odom be used as first line maintenance, but others to be used if Richard will not be able to provide necessary service within a reasonable time.

After a lengthy discussion a motion was made to pursue the purchase of a factory remanufactured engine to replace the current engine in the plane. (It was later determined that it was more feasible to convert to a 180 HP Lycoming engine because of the scarcity of the Continental engine, and considering the performance and resale value of the plane.)

It was voted on and passed that effective January 1, 1999, all new members will pay six months dues in advance and pay for all flying time as incurred.  There will be no refund of dues if such member drops out of the club.

E. Gene Dillard - Sectretarly

David Neikirk - President