Minutes from the July 7th Meeting of the West Central Georgia Flying Club

The meeting was opened by Rick Raines and congratulations were given to David Neikirk for his recent passing of his Private Pilot checkride.. Some. issues were discussed about the club plane.  I'll list them below with the pertinent details:

1.  Windshield/Windows- the- subject was discussed and a consensus was reached to replace the windows.  A vote was taken and the majority of members agreed to- the replacements.

2.  Transponder- A discussion of the intermittent nature of the transponder was held.  Recent flights had not produced any problem with the unit.

3.  IFR equipping/ certification of the club plane- A discussion was held on this subject and it was agreed that an estimate should be obtained to find out the cost of equipping N4394L for IFR operations.

4.  Weighing the airplane- A discussion was held on finding a new empty weight for the aircraft since new equipment has been installed, No schedule for this was arrived at.

5.  Leaseback / Additional aircraft- A discussion was held on leasing N23PQ, obtaining another aircraft, or again updating N4349L.  No consensus was- reached.

August 4th was set as the next meeting date.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.