Minutes of WCGFC meeting on Dec.  10th 1996

The meeting was called to order by club president Rick Raines at 6:15pm.  Old business reviewed- GPS, Scheduling for annual and selected maintenance.  New business included Hosting 1997 airshow, Pancake breakfast, and changes to bylaw sections for family memberships.  A separate vote was held to exempt Gene Dillard from monthly dues in exchange for accounting duties.  Following this elections for club officers were held.  I felt that instead of elections it would make more sense to solicit volunteers to serve to in the various positions.  The following is a summary of the proceedings:

Markku Lehtisalo volunteered for Safety and Maintenance Officer positions.  A unanimous approval vote was cast.

Dennis Fowler takes over as President from the Vice President position, in addition he agreed to serve as Secretary.  Rick Raines volunteered to take the Vice President position.

Treasurer duties will remain with Gene Dillard.

A number of procedural issues were addressed;
  Hosting the 1997 airshow- Unanimous approval
  Family plan rates Principal member $250 initiation fee $40 monthly, 2nd family member $125 initiation fee, $20 monthly, third family and subsequent family members $0 initiation, $10 month.  These rates apply to Immediate family members of the principal member.  Unanimous approval.
  Allowing Gene Dillard to perform Club Accounting in exchange for 2 hours per month and waiving his monthly dues.  Unanimously approved.