A meeting of West Central Georgia Flying Club, Inc. was held on September 12, 1999.

Each person in attendance gave his or her name to the group by way op introduction.

The following items were discussed and agreed upon:

1. The bylaws need to be updated, and the stats of each member needs to be on record.
2. If the plane will be delayed getting back, call the airport and let them know.
3. Everyone was reminded that there is a two hour minimum flying time charge for each day the plane is kept overnight.
4. A possible cap on membership was discussed, but voted no cap at the present time.
5. Scheduling of the plane by airport personnel was discussed.  Possible pay was discussed.  Decided to talk with airport manager about this.
6. Importance of writing name, date, and all info on the aircraft log sheet was emphasized.
7. No payments by members are to be left at the airport.  They are to be mailed.
8. Possibility of teams to keep plane and hangar clean was discussed.  This did not pass, but voted for Mark Buffington to call for members when cleaning needed.
9. The prop blast is to be kept away from the door of the hangar to avoid dirt and debris from being blown inside the hangar.
10. Use only plexi-clean to clean plane windows - not windex.
11. Loran not working.  A cap if $200.00 was placed on the purchase of another one.
12. It was noted that the DME was not working.
13. The plane is to be placed in the hangar straight - not at an angle.  This will help avoid banging the plane into a wall.
14. The initiation fee of $250.00 was reinstated effective November 1, 1999.  The fee included the first month's dues.
15. The annual Toys for tots was discussed.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

E. Gene Dillard     Secretary             David Neikirk - President