West Central Georgia Flying Club
Minutes of Meeting
18 Nov 2001

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by club president Charles Clark.  A quorum was present.  Treasurer reported on current financial status, stating that the budget for the first ten months of 2001 is looking good.  Members need to let the Treasurer know if they are going to pay the annual membership fee, $663.00, before December 31, 2001 for January's billing.  The officers will check on refinancing the planes.  The monthly bills will start including OPN's current fuel prices.  Vice-President reported on By law changes and flight rule changes as proposed for the May 20, 2001 meeting.  A vote was taken on accepting the Proposed Changes to By-Laws and passed.  A vote was taken on the Proposed Changes to Flight Rules and passed.  Safety Officer reported that because of the ILS 30, runway 30 is now the preferred runway and will be changed in the Flight Rules..

Maintenance issues brought up were:
   DME not working.  Brake Pads.  Check List and fuel sampler. Left window latch needs to be replaced.  Beacon bulb needs replacing.  Carb heat, no drop in RPM.
  On/Off label for Carb heat.  Check List and fuel sampler.  Visor, Pilot side.  Nav bulb needs replacing.  ADF needs checking.

Nominations and elections took place for 2002 Offices:
 Vice-President Mark Buffington
 Secretary-Treasurer Mike O'dell
 Maintenance  Bill Hardaway
 Safety   Conrad Wagner
Scheduling software was discussed and was decided to try for 3 months.  Details will be sent with next months bills.  Hazel Hurt requested pilots and planes for the annual Fly'for'Tot's at OPN on Dec 8, 2001.  A work day is scheduled for Dec 1, 2001 to get the planes ready for the Fly'for'Tot's Day.  Participating Pilots should have a copy of their current pilot certificated, medical, BFR.  Planes should have a copy of their current insurance policy.  Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

In Attendance
Charles Clark - President, Bob Jenkins - Vice President, Jeff Hayes - Tres/Sec,
Conrad Wagner - Safety Officer
Bud Schubnell for Ryan Schubnell, Brent Mathews, Eric Genzlinger, Bill Hardaway, Mike O'dell, Heath Coker
Tommy Lenhart