Attendees: Bob Jenkins, Jeff Hayes, Mark Jones, Mike O'Dell, and Dennis Fowler.  Also in attendance was Mark Harris, perspective member.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.
It was stated that Chip was no longer instructing students in the club plane.
The following action will be taken before the next meeting in order to increase membership: Dennis Fowler will contact and check pricing for running a small add in the yellow pages.  Bob Jenkins will update a WCGFC flyer that can be posted in strategic locations throughout the county.

Dennis Fowler will contact Gene Dillard for a list of all present members who are behind on payment of monthly dues.  A letter will be written to these individuals in order to bring their accounts up to date.

Mike O'Dell will get with Richard Odom on contacting the factory about the new oil temperature gauge running higher than the old gauge.
Richard has the prop shaft seal in but does not have the tool to install it.
We decided to wait and fix the broken elevator tip when the annual was due.
It was reported that the attitude indicator was not working properly and that the altimeter was off approximately 200 feet.  We decided to check the warranty on these two instruments as far as repair cost being covered.

There was discussion about a flight training school that may establish a business at the airport.

Meeting adjourned.