Agreed to have meetings on the third Sunday of every month at 2 pm.
After the meeting, all members present would wash and clean up the airplane.

Agreed to stay with the 100 hour inspection.  Markku will check with Richard Odom to immediately schedule this inspection.  The following items should be performed during this inspection:  Change oil.
Look at the bottom strobe light and get a price for repair.
Perform a new weight and balance.
Purchase and install a new carburetor.
Repair oil leak in spinner.
Check shimmy damper.

Discussed the need for steps for the plane in order to check fuel level.  One idea was to look at salvage yard.

Conrad Wagner reminded everyone present about the safety meeting at the airport on July 9, 1997.

Conrad also said he would be available for instruction after Markku leaves.

A meeting needs to be held by the Upson Airshow Association to finalize a spreadsheet on the 1997 air show.

We need to consider a membership drive for the flying club.