West Central Ga Flying Club

The purpose of this Club is to provide its members with social co-mingling, recreation, education in the art of flying aircraft, to provide education in flight safety, to support general aviation and to enourage the use of general aviation aircraft by pilots and non-pilots alike, to support and encourage the use of general aviation aircraft by the public for both business and pleasure, to encourage members and non-menbers to become active pilots and to improve and enhance their pilot skills and training, and to provide general aviation aircraft to members of the corporation at a non-profit rate.  It being intended that said clud shall provide its members with the abvove without any monetary gain or profit to any of it's members.

Story Behind WCGFC

The West Central Georgia Flying Club is centrally located in between Atlanta, Macon and Columbus at the Thomaston-Upson County Airport (KOPN) in Thomaston, Georgia. The club is a small not-for-profit flying club consisting of approximately 25 active members and 1 plane.



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